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Smart Cars, great MPG, but how safe are they?

Smart cars are able to get 33/41 MPG (EPA adjusted) primarily because they are so small and light. The Smart Car measures just 106 inches long, 61 inches wide, and weighs less than 2000 pounds. Being so small, safety is a real concern for potential buyers. The good news is that the Smart Car received the highest safety rating by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety for front and side impact crashes. The Smart Car has a safety cell made from high strength materials and four standard airbags to protect passengers. Electronic Stability Program (esp), traction control, anti-lock brakes, and brake assist are a few of the other major safety features included. Smart Cars, owned by Mercedes Benz, have sold over one million cars world wide and became available for sale in the United States in 2008. Models for sale in the U.S. include the smart fortwo pure passion coupe, the smart fortwo pure coupe, and the smart fortwo passion cabriolet convertible.

2009 Smart Cars -  Three available models

Fuel Econ. 
Smart ForTwo Pure Coupe
1.0L, 3cyl, 70HP
33/41 mpg
Smart ForTwo Pure Passion Coupe
1.0L, 3cyl, 70HP
33/41 mpg
Smart ForTwo Cabriolet Convertible
1.0L, 3cyl, 70HP
33/41 mpg

Smart Car ForTwo - Crash Tests and Reviews