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Do hybrids or diesels reign supreme?

The results showed that the diesels were the mileage champs in that test with the CR-Z placing fourth and the gas-fed Alfa in last more


Toyota recalling 270,000 Priuses in U.S., Japan

Problems have been reported with popular hybrid car’s braking more

Toyota Prius news article - GOT MPG      

The New Honda CR-Z will get 51 MPG!!

The pay-off for today's lower fuel economy is that the CR-Z will be bigger and much safer than the CR-X. Twenty years ago, a safe small car was virtually an oxymoron. read more


LAST CHANCE for the Hybrid Tax Credit! Purchase by 3-31-10

Several Hybrid Cars are no longer valid to receive the IRS' Tax Credit. Only select cars purchased between 10-1-09 and 3-31-10 are valid. Find out which more

Hybrid Tax Credits for 2009 and 2010      

Good News for Toyota Prius owners!
US states are beginning to give special allowances to owners of fuel efficient vehicles,
like the Toyota Prius, where single occupants can drive in the carpool commuter lane...

Toyota Prius news article - GOT MPG

Smart Cars get great MPG, but are they safe?
Being so small, safety is a real concern for potential buyers. The good news is that the Smart Car received the highest safety rating by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety for front & side impact crashes. The Smart Car has a safety cell made from high strength materials & 4 standard airbags...


2009 Cadillac CTS - 304 HP, AWD, and 26 MPG?
The new 2009 Cadillac CTS luxury sport sedan is very fuel efficient for a car with so much power. The CTS is available in four model options. The SFI model has a 3.6 liter V6 engine (263 HP) with a ...

2009 Cadillac CTS - 26 mpg highway

Alternative view on Global Warming
Is mankind causing irreversible climate change and global warming? On what facts do you base your opinion? Here is a scientific presentation by geology professor Bob Carter that refutes the theory ...