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GOT MPG? Bumper Stickers - Free Shipping

Show others you take pride in driving a fuel efficient vehicle. All of our "got mpg?" bumper stickers are made from the highest grade polyurethane, so they will last for a long time without fading, chipping or cracking. Premium grade adhesive means that stickers can carefully be removed in one piece. Professional design and appearance will compliment any car, new or old. Satisfaction guaranteed or money back. Contact us about quantity discounts on larger orders.

"got mpg?" bumper sticker #001 - (4x6 international diplomat oval style)



"got mpg?" bumper sticker #002 - (4x6 international diplomat oval style)


Sick of high gas prices?

Got MPG bumper stickers are the perfect way to show off your fuel efficient vehicle or just display your disgust with high gas prices.

  • Top quality sticker with glossy finish
  • Tasteful three inch round design
  • Durable thin vinyl with UV resistant inks
  • Resists fading and elements for long life
  • Can be removed without damaging surfaces
  • Each sticker is $3.95 w/ secure Paypal payment
  • Free shipping and 7-10 day delivery time
  • Money back satisfaction guarantee
anti-gas bumper sticker

$3.95 - Free Shipping