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Fuel Saving Devices for Cars & Trucks - Do they Work?

Are there fuel saving devices that work? Here's a list of the more popular fuel saving devices that claim to increase the fuel economy or mpg for cars and trucks. But buyers beware; there are many gadgets on the market that will not increase mpg as advertised. Smart consumers should always research and compare fuel saving devices before buying. A good rule of thumb - play it safe and only buy devices from reputable companies who offer a money back guarantee on their products.

- Tornado has feedback from users who say the product increases power and mpg.
- The Vortec Cyclone claims to increase gas mileage and increase horsepower.
- The Turbonator is an aftermarket add-on. They say users report 10-22% MPG gains.
- Some gas additives and aftermarket air filters claim to increase mpg and engine performance.
- Gas Pill. Seems unlikely that it increases fuel economy, but some claim it works.
- Magnets placed on fuel line supposed to increase MPG? Possible but improbable.


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