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New Japanese Car runs on Water?
A company in Japan named Genepax claims to have developed a technology where a chemical reaction produces electricity from water with oxygen and hydrogen as byproducts. The car will supposedly run on any kind of water. Genepax claims that one liter of water will provide enough energy to run the car for one hour at 50 mph. They say the manufacturing cost is around $18,000 but with mass production the cost could be as low as $5000. See video below.

Author says more ethanol, lower gas prices.

Energy Victory by Robert ZubrinCan America break free of it's dependence on mid-east oil and the terrorism that surrounds it? Energy Victory: Winning the War on Terror by Breaking Free of Oil, by Dr. Robert Zubrin, argues that large-scale use of ethanol is the solution to our problem. The monopolistic oil industry continues to raise gas prices because consumers have limited alternative fuel options. By going mainstream with ethanol, which is much cheaper than gasoline, oil companies would be forced to lower gas prices in order to compete. Why aren't we already doing this? In order to use ethanol a vehicle must be "flex-fuel" capable, adding about $100 to the manufacturing cost. Zubrin calls for legislation that would require all new vehicles to be "flex-fuel" capable. Ethanol can be made from corn, sugar cane, trees, coal, and even household garbage. Brazil is a case study on the success of ethanol. Oil companies with special interest in Washington DC are trying to protect their monopoly by hiring PR agencies to run mud-slinging campaigns against ethanol. Zubrin argues that increased ethanol production would actually boost the economy by increasing farm production, jobs, and U.S. exports. Currently, an American family that makes $45,000 per year is spending about one third of it's income on gasoline. The downturn in the housing market and economic recession are directly tied to high gas prices. Force the oil industry to compete with ethanol by contacting your congressman and supporting flex-fuel legislation. Read and learn more at Energy Victory.

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