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BEST MPG CARS - Which cars make the TOP TEN MPG?

got mpg - best mpg & worst mpg cars info The Nissan Leaf comes in at #1 for the car with the Best MPG for 2011. See which other cars and trucks make the top ten best miles per gallon list. How does your mpg compare? You could be saving thousands of dollars per year just by switching to a more fuel efficient vehicle. Keep money in your pocket instead of wasting it at the gas station. Learn how to increase the fuel economy of your car or truck with practical everyday gas saving tips. Research and compare fuel saving devices. Find the cheapest gas or compare gas prices in your city or town. We help you find ways to save money on fuel. Gas prices are only getting higher. It's time that America gets GREEN & serious about driving more fuel efficient cars and trucks.

  Top 2011 Best MPG Cars Now available         How to Improve MPG (Miles per Gallon) in Your Car

Do hybrids or diesels reign supreme?

The results showed that the diesels were the mileage champs in that test with the CR-Z placing fourth and the gas-fed Alfa in last more


Toyota recalling 270,000 Priuses in U.S., Japan

Problems have been reported with popular hybrid car’s braking more

Toyota Prius news article - GOT MPG      

The New Honda CR-Z will get 51 MPG!!

The pay-off for today's lower fuel economy is that the CR-Z will be bigger and much safer than the CR-X. Twenty years ago, a safe small car was virtually an oxymoron. read more


LAST CHANCE for the Hybrid Tax Credit!
Purchase by 3-31-10

Several Hybrid Cars are no longer valid to receive the IRS' Tax Credit. Only select cars purchased between 10-1-09 and 3-31-10 are valid. Find out which more

Hybrid Tax Credits for 2009 and 2010      


Concerned about Global Warming? - GOT MPG bumper stickers - Articles

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